Benefits of Spinning

When I first walked into CampusCycle, I never knew how it would change my life and the endless benefits spinning would bring to my world.

Walking through those doors for the first time, I was looking for a good cardio workout, and boy did they deliver. One of the benefits of spinning, is the low-impact, high-energy workout. At CampusCycle, you will experience a full body workout that is gentle on the joints while it cranks up the heart rate and burns major calories.

The more I came to class, the more changes I began to see. These beat-driven rides were toning and sculpting my arms, core, and booty.

While I had initially been looking for cardio, I was getting so much more! Another benefit of working out at CampusCycle are the unique, targeted moves and combos. Whether you are pushing it up or tapping it back, these moves are crafted to target, strengthen, and shape the body. As you are rocking and jamming to the music you are building strength throughout your entire self.

These workouts were different and challenging every time! As a rider, I was being challenged with each pedal, whether it was the speed, the resistance, or the unique combinations. Each ride brings the benefit of a challenge - physical or mental, strengthening all riders.

The physical changes and challenges were just the beginning for me. As a rider, I started to see positive changes in my mental health.

CampusCycle became a place where I could escape for 45 minutes. I could go into a dark room; I could listen to loud music; I could sweat it out; I could dedicate time to myself. The benefits of spin are not limited to physical health. When riders are able to dedicate time to themselves they see mental and emotional benefits.

While I started coming for the workouts, I stayed for the people.

The CampusCycle Tribe is a community like no other I have ever experienced. People of all ages, fitness levels, and lifestyles are welcomed in the studio, working toward self improvement and supporting one another. I have been able to create lifelong connections and make lasting friendships. This community is built by the owners, the coaches, and the riders. The positivity and growth mindset found at CampusCycle is palpable!

The benefits of spinning do not end here. As a rider, I know how spinning has benefited me, and now as a CampusCycle coach, I have seen and heard how it has benefited other riders. What are you looking for in a workout? How will spinning benefit you?

-Katie Kenter, Coach