The Insight

The Insight is a platform much like our studios, a place to connect.

An opportunity to share and learn the complete mind, body, and soul journey on nutrition, fitness, beat-driven spin, the CampusCycle way, and more.


Our Story

Years ago 2 best friends had an idea: Bring a workout to central Iowa that had a consistent feel, a killer vibe, and a kick ass way to sweat alongside friends.

Drink Water! Why?

I know you are struggling with the 2:00 pm or midnight cravings I did too! I know that this challenge can help you in so many ways.




Beat your you yesterday.


Calling All Non-Veggie Lovers

Personally, I did not grow up eating vegetables. The only “green” I remember eating as a child consisted of grapes on occasion and iceberg lettuce as I entered middle school.



INSIDE LOOK: Building a Playlist

First and foremost, if you would have asked me a two years ago if I saw myself coaching spin class, talking into a mic for 45 minutes, three days a week, I would have laughed you off; until I found CampusCycle.

The Benefits of Stretching

Why stretch? As a dancer most of my life, stretching has been a part of my pre and post workout routines for years. Most of the time I didn’t know why we were stretching other than the fact it was a great time for us to socialize, true story.

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Scheduling Workouts: Consistency & How to Develop

Let’s talk about consistency. Creating a healthy lifestyle that includes exercising regularly is not as easy as it may sound. It takes effort and dedication, and a consistent change in your life.


I am Sick.

Last April I was hospitalized for 21 days at the Mary Greeley Behavioral Health Unit in Ames. I wish I could say I saw it coming. I was riding high with professional and personal successes, but I had no clue how powerful a brain chemical imbalance could be.



Benefits of Spinning

When I first walked into CampusCycle, I never knew how it would change my life and the endless benefits spinning would bring to my world.


Life’s Struggles are not Excuses

When searching for a place to workout or “get in shape” at most of the questions that come to mind for people are:



First-Timer Tips From One of our Riders

Who loves walking in to a room full of strangers and doing something you’ve never done? Yeah, me either.

The 'Cycle' of Life and Exercise

I always thought loving one sport and being so passionate about it would be really cool and beneficial.



Why Spinning Works for Bikers and Non-Bikers

Maybe you haven’t been on a bike since New Kids on the Block toured…the first time. Or, maybe you just don’t like biking. The good news? You don’t really “bike” at CampusCycle.

What’s It Mean to Be a lululemon Ambassador?

This question was asked at my ambassador on-boarding a few weeks ago and if you know me words aren’t my forte. Hence, my graphic design degree. I’m a visual learner and you’ll often hear me say ‘let me show you.’


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People Motivating People

“You’re not working hard enough!” “Let’s go, you’ll never get that butt you want!” “Look at my abs. If you want abs like this, you have to work for them!”

Real People

If you like something, you’ll probably stick with it. I like my job, husband and kids (most days), so I stick with them. Birkenstocks, good coffee, cupcakes and red wine are also things I enjoy and keep in my life.



Find a Workout That Makes You Feel Good

Have you ever tried focusing on the mental side of a workout? That’s a tough concept to grasp because we’re hammered with messages that our bodies aren’t good enough.