The Insight

The Insight is a platform much like our studios, a place to connect.

An opportunity to share and learn the complete mind, body, and soul journey on nutrition, fitness, beat-driven spin, the CampusCycle way, and more.


Our Story

Years ago 2 best friends had an idea: Bring a workout to central Iowa that had a consistent feel, a killer vibe, and a kick ass way to sweat alongside friends.

Drink Water! Why?

I know you are struggling with the 2:00 pm or midnight cravings I did too! I know that this challenge can help you in so many ways.




Beat your you yesterday.


Calling All Non-Veggie Lovers

Personally, I did not grow up eating vegetables. The only “green” I remember eating as a child consisted of grapes on occasion and iceberg lettuce as I entered middle school.



INSIDE LOOK: Building a Playlist

First and foremost, if you would have asked me a two years ago if I saw myself coaching spin class, talking into a mic for 45 minutes, three days a week, I would have laughed you off; until I found CampusCycle.

The Benefits of Stretching

Why stretch? As a dancer most of my life, stretching has been a part of my pre and post workout routines for years. Most of the time I didn’t know why we were stretching other than the fact it was a great time for us to socialize, true story.

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Scheduling Workouts: Consistency & How to Develop

Let’s talk about consistency. Creating a healthy lifestyle that includes exercising regularly is not as easy as it may sound. It takes effort and dedication, and a consistent change in your life.


I am Sick.

Last April I was hospitalized for 21 days at the Mary Greeley Behavioral Health Unit in Ames. I wish I could say I saw it coming. I was riding high with professional and personal successes, but I had no clue how powerful a brain chemical imbalance could be.



Benefits of Spinning

When I first walked into CampusCycle, I never knew how it would change my life and the endless benefits spinning would bring to my world.


Life’s Struggles are not Excuses

When searching for a place to workout or “get in shape” at most of the questions that come to mind for people are:



First-Timer Tips From One of our Riders

Who loves walking in to a room full of strangers and doing something you’ve never done? Yeah, me either.