Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is CampusCycle for?
Anyone! In shape, out of shape; experienced riders and first timers. We have an inviting, no judgement space for riders to obtain their physical, mental, and emotional goals. Indoor cycling can be adapted to any level of fitness and experience. With each class taken, riders will improve and gain confidence. Step 1 is attending your first class, and we'll make sure you are equipped for your first ride.

2. How good of a workout is it?
Studies show a 45 minute indoor cycling class can burn between 450 - 750 calories, with variation between individuals and input exerted.

3. Are there any restrictions to riding?
Pregnant women are welcome to ride, but we highly encourage you to consult your doctor. The max user weight on our bikes is 350 pounds. Registration of minors (12-17) who are height eligible (4'11") must be completed in person by a parent or guardian.

4. Do I have to wear bike shoes?
No, but we welcome them to increase the efficiency of your workout with secure footing and more powerful pedal movements. You can slip in using your tennis shoes or clip in with SPDs. We do have shoe rental available for clients.

5. How do I set up an account?
Visit the 'BOOK A BIKE' tab on the top right corner. Create an account utilizing our MindBody software, then download the CampusCycle app (Android & Apple friendly) for easy schedule viewing & price options, and purchase a package either online or via the app. You must have purchased rides prior to reserving a bike.

6. I'm ready! How do I book a bike?
Once you have purchased rides, you can book a bike. You can be added to a waitlist if a desired class is full. You will be notified as soon as it's available (see #8 for how waitlist works).

7. Is there a cancellation window?
Life happens! We understand! With 20 available bikes, we do have a 6 hour cancellation policy, so make sure to cancel prior to 6 hours before your booked class.  Any cancellation or no show within the 6 hour window is deemed a "late cancel", that will result in loss class (punch card members) OR $10 fee (unlimited members).

8. How does the waitlist process work?                                                                                                                         Once you create your MindBody account, you must subscribe to the email notifications. This will allow you to be notified if your waitlist spot becomes a class opening. Make sure to email to confirm this account setting.

9. Can we share accounts?
No, each rider must have his or her own account.

10. Can I enter or exit class on my own?
We start, ride, and finish each class as a Pack. If you have to excuse yourself early, please do so. Class doors will close on time. Facility doors will unlock 30 minutes prior to each class and lock two minutes before the scheduled class time.

11. Do you have childcare, restrooms / showers, & storage for my things?
We love kids; however no childcare. Yes, our 2 gender-neutral restrooms have showers along with supplies. And yes, we do have lockers & 24-7 security.

12. Can I use my membership at both locations?

Yes! You will select your primary location, but can utilize either the Ames or Ankeny location anytime.

13. Unable to schedule a class and your account telling you to purchase more? Check this first.

With a new package purchase, the first class you schedule sets the activation date for that package. You are unable to schedule any other classes before that first scheduled class. You will need to cancel your initial reservation in order to book a class prior to that original activation date.