First-Timer Tips From One of our Riders

Who loves walking in to a room full of strangers and doing something you’ve never done? Yeah, me either.

I tried CampusCycle with a friend a couple years ago and had no idea what to expect.

The coach helped us set up our bikes and went over the basics. She took the stage, explained a few things, gave us a few words of focus and the lights went out.

Wait, what? I was doing a workout in a fairly dark room? How the heck was this going to work?

The music turned up and the ride started. Forty-five minutes later I was sweaty and happy. Being a mom of two young boys, this was the most time I’d spent on myself in years.

I knew I got a great workout but it was the first time I’ve ever left a workout class refreshed. The combination of darkness, music and focus on myself was exactly what I needed.

Was I “good at it?” Nope. But it didn’t matter. The dark room turned out to be my favorite part because everyone was focused on their own ride.

I know it’s daunting to try something new. Here are a few “first-timer” tips to help you out whenever you decide to give CampusCycle a try.

  • What to wear and bring: I wear leggings, a tank top and clip shoes. Some riders prefer shorts and some like to use the foot cages on the bike and not clip-in. If you don’t have clip shoes, you can rent a pair at the studio if you’d like to try them. Bring water and drink it! Learn more about the why of water here (

  • Your coach: Come a little early and connect with the coach. They’ll talk you through how things work. Plus, they’re awesome people!

  • Beat driven: The entire ride is to the beat of the music. No rhythm? No big deal because it’s dark! No metrics or leaderboards. The workout (designed by each coach) is based on the tempo of the music which is dependent on the level of resistance to stay in rhythm.

  • Weights: During one song, you’ll pedal as the coach guides you through moves using small free weights designed to strengthen your arms, core and back. Lifting weights on a bike is not nearly as awkward as it sounds.

  • Focus song: You can do whatever you want during the focus song. The coach takes the dim lights down to total darkness. Catch your breath, lift weights, sprint, do tap backs – whatever you want to work on, go for it.

  • Connect: The class always ends with “connect.” We all (try really hard to) match our feet with the instructor and sway from side to side as we finish the workout.

Questions? Connect with CampusCycle and ask away! (