I am Sick.

Last April I was hospitalized for 21 days at the Mary Greeley Behavioral Health Unit in Ames. I wish I could say I saw it coming. I was riding high with professional and personal successes, but I had no clue how powerful a brain chemical imbalance could be.

I was first diagnosed in 2013, but I had always conditioned myself to push thru, focus on a quote to tackle something, or surely this was something else I could athlete my way out of. So I built businesses, had 2 kids, and kept moving at warp speed. Accept a condition? Mental one? No way. Not me. I built a life on teaching others how to be mentally tough.

Try staring at yourself, makeupless in front of a mirror last spring, realizing this was much bigger than I had ever thought it to be. I was sick. I needed help and I had to surrender, and begin the recovery process and acceptance of a lifelong mental health disease.

Mental illness has no cure, but it’s certainly treatable. Increased sleep, therapy, medication, identifying triggers, establishing boundaries are all part of my treatment plan. Just as important for mental health patients, or anyone for that matter? Exercise.

I used to brag to people that CampusCycle is cheaper than therapy. And now paying a therapist routinely, I promise you it is. Having those 45 minutes uninterrupted by phone distractions or other human interaction is so important and especially for those with mental health challenges or tendencies. Giving to yourself through daily exercise truly is a gift; how blessed we are to experience that.

I am sick. But I am getting better. And I thank CampusCycle for being a healthy, inclusive, judgement-free zone to decompress at. It’s OK to not be OK I remind myself everytime I walk thru those doors.

In case you’re wondering, I got into this business to change lives. I trust CampusCycle is doing that alongside you as a place of refuge. May it continue to draw out your light in darkness, fuel your passions, and reconnect with yourself with every beat.

My most humble gratitude for your participation in this journey with us.

Lyndsey Fennelly

Spin Coach & Co-Owner