Beat your you yesterday.

We have challenges in our studio often like how many rides you can accomplish in a month or who can be the fastest to 20 rides. We often incentivize our Riders with these challenges, offering tangible prizes like future discounts or swag gear, exclusive only for those who accomplish the challenge.

Our current challenge squares the 2 studios against each other, as Ames vs Ankeny percent rider capacity is being tackled each day for a few weeks. The camaraderie, extra encouragement, and extrinsic motivation is serving its purpose with more energetic and committed Riders.

But the competition we love the most in our studios? The Rider who shows up each day, clips in, works hard, and repeats. The external motivation is great and fun and an engaging way to push ourselves, but we strive to tap into our intrinsic motivation just as much.

This type of motivation is a competition within ourselves, goaling for our own sake and personal rewards of improved physical fitness, increased cardiovascular health, and desirable weight loss goals.

Remember this quote next time you’re in the studio: Beat your you yesterday.

Stare in the mirror. Take a deep breath. Turn a little extra right. And go after the self satisfactory reward of accomplishing another ride!

-Lyndsey Fennelly, Coach & Co-Owner