We are a “Feel Good” workout that is fueled by motivation, coaches, and a community for the betterment of YOU!  The only person who can measure whether YOU are getting better… is YOU!  We purposely do not use computers, heart rate monitors, leaderboards etc. – we know that each person is at a different stage in their physical and mental shape.  We also know that shape can change from day to day – so we only ask that YOU be the best YOU that YOU can!

We also believe in a community effort. We support all other facilities that can make us better.  Our active involvement in the community through volunteer and charitable efforts is one of the founding pillars of CampusCycle. CycleCharity is open to any and all organizations that have a story to tell and a chapter for us to write. Ames and Ankeny are who we are! Friends, co-workers, competitors, rivals, teammates – we are all on the same team when it comes to being the BEST YOU!

Campus Cycle is for YOU!