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If you like something, you’ll probably stick with it. I like my job, husband and kids (most days), so I stick with them. Birkenstocks, good coffee, cupcakes and red wine are also things I enjoy and keep in my life.

Sticking to things you enjoy seems like simple advice but have you applied it to your workouts?

 I used to bounce from program to program. Workouts that claimed I could “drop 10 pounds in a week” were appealing, especially a few months after having a baby. I’d push my way through sessions that were too difficult for my body at the time and end up frustrated. The workouts weren’t fun, I wasn’t living up to the marketing claims and I’d quit.

My pattern of fitness wasn’t consistent. I’d do something really hard for a few weeks, nothing for a few weeks and then maybe something light for a few more weeks.

I took a hard look at what I actually liked doing to stay active. I also focused on how workouts made me feel, not what they were claiming they could do for my body. This mind shift took months because it’s not how we’re taught to view workouts. I also had to find something I’d stick with and enjoyed doing.

When CampusCycle opened in Ames, a friend invited me to a ride. I bought a 10-class pass and went when I felt like I needed a break. Sounds weird, right? But, the workouts were my time and I left refreshed. I didn’t care that I was working my heart or I was getting all the other benefits of spinning.

I still bounced around doing other things for fitness when I started to realize I looked forward to CampusCycle rides the most. So, I set a goal of one ride a week for eight weeks – working in things like walking and free weights at home when I could. It worked. I actually stuck with something. I bumped up to two rides per week and that’s where I’ve been ever since. It works for me because I enjoy it.

Give something new a try and find what feeds you. If you enjoy and look forward to a workout, you’re probably going to stick with it. Anything new is always a little intimidating and it does take time to see if it’s for you.

My husband? I thought he was a dork the first time I met him – but he grew on me. My first son? Labor was so difficult, I didn’t even want to hold him when he was born (I know, moms are supposed to admit that!). When it comes to new workouts, give yourself a few sessions to get comfortable with it. If you look forward to it and leave feeling refreshed, try working it in to your routine. Learn more about CampusCycle by checking out their FAQ or blog and give it a try!


-Brittney Rutherford, rider


Bio: Brittney is an official boy mom who lives in Ames with her husband of 13 years. She works in marketing at Iowa State, likes all things Cyclones, enjoys indoor rides at CampusCycle and outdoor rides on Iowa's bike trails.