What’s It Mean To Be A lululemon Ambassador?

This question was asked at my ambassador on-boarding a few weeks ago and if you know me words aren’t my forte. Hence, my graphic design degree. I’m a visual learner and you’ll often hear me say ‘let me show you.’

This wasn’t the first time I’ve been asked, ‘what’s it mean to be a lululemon ambassador’, but I still couldn’t come up with a simple, defined meaning for what it meant to me. So far it’s been 6 months so you think I would have that down pat.

From the visual side of things, it’s having my picture up on the wall in the lululemon store at Jordan Creek Mall in Des Moines. It’s sporting lululemon gear at my favorite places to sweat, especially during spin class at CampusCycle. Sharing my favorite bra and leggings on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. Venturing around Des Moines and local communities trying out different studios, gyms, and practices for the latest, most fun ways to sweat.

But now the visual aspects of my experiences wasn’t nearly explaining what being an ambassador meant to me. One ambassador explained that it was about connection and community. Meeting new people and conversing back and forth. Yes, I felt that. We know all about connection at CampusCycle, but then again walking up to somebody and starting conversation isn’t what I do by first instinct.

Asked myself again…what’s it mean to be a lululemon ambassador? *why is this so difficult*

I raised my hand and spoke. It wasn’t clean or scripted (in true Cassidy fashion). A jumble of ideas and I first connected it to design. One of my favorite mottos is ‘Your life is your brand. Create it.’ It’s more than a logo, color scheme, or tagline. It’s your personality. It’s everything from how you dress, act, talk, and carry yourself. What morals and values you live your life by, and what you stand for. Who you associate yourself with. Who’s in your circle? That’s your personal brand and you are in charge of building that. Hint hint. Your brand is what you leave behind in this world meaning it’s a lifetime project. To sum that up it’s living life by example and letting actions speak.

This transformed into me discussing how non-verbal communication has always been a part of my life. For example, when you play team sports such as basketball and become familiar with your teammate’s movements and style of play you have that unique sense of knowing when and where they will be on the court. Making the perfect pass to your teammate and them scoring. That sense of ‘I got you’ without having to say a single word or giving a head nod to where you want them to go. That’s special.

Relating it to CampusCycle. We thrive on the energy riders bring to class and vice versa the energy a coach brings. Finding unified rhythm as a group is sometimes challenging, but comes with practice. At the end of each class we Connect. Same movement, same direction, at the same pace. We ask you to create energy within yourself and then to let it go. At that very moment our riders are making a non-verbal connection with one another through energy, sweat, and movement.

That right there is what being a lululemon ambassador means to me. It’s making a connection with humans through energy, sweat, and movement.

Not having to say a single word. Seeing and feeling it from a spin coach perspective was never in my plan, but here I am sweating to music on a bike with 19 other riders. It’s a high five, fist bump, or hug. It’s making eye contact. Non-verbal actions are just as strong as verbal communication. Open yourself up to the energy around you and feel the connection.