Why Spinning Works for Bikers and Non-Bikers

Maybe you haven’t been on a bike since New Kids on the Block toured…the first time. Or, maybe you just don’t like biking. The good news? You don’t really “bike” at CampusCycle.

I know, that doesn’t make a ton of sense – it’s called CampusCycle. You’re on a spin bike and you are cycling. Spin bikes have pedals, a seat and handlebars. Road bikes have those things, too, but that’s where the similarities end.

Some adults don’t bike because they’re worried about falling down. As a road biker who has taken a tumble, I get that. But, spin bikes are incredibly stable. Pushups, tap backs, weights and what sometimes feels a little like a dance routine all happen on a spin bike. I’ve never seen anyone fall off.

A spin workout targets more muscle groups than a traditional road ride. You won’t spend a lot of time sitting and you will engage your upper body quite a bit during the 45-minute workout.

If you’re hesitant you can’t do it because you don’t bike, CampusCycle’s workouts are completely different – no biking skills required!

How does CampusCycle help road riders?

Whether you’re doing a few rides here and there or prepping for a week of RAGBRAI, CampusCycle can help out your road biking skills.

My father-in-law got my husband and I into biking about eight years ago. Before that, I thought bikers were annoying and spandex was ridiculous. Then, I got hooked and Iowa’s amazing trail systems have really made the sport something our entire family enjoys.

We have two sons and each pull one when we hit up our favorite trail, The High Trestle. I end up pulling about 50 to 60 pounds of kid and trailer. Thankfully, there are plenty of establishments for drinks and dinner on our weeknight outings!

I am a fairly strong rider but pulling a kid has always been tough. After doing a couple CampusCycle rides a week this winter, I am way more aware of how my body works to power my road bike. Class made engaging my core much easier and I now focus more on the push-pull movement of the pedals. I could tell a big difference on my first ride this summer with a (bigger) kid. The ride was easier, I could go faster and I felt stronger.

Whether you’ve never been on a bike or are looking to ride stronger, CampusCycle is a great workout for your mind and body!